About the Author

Myles Santos. 21. Freelance.


An Illustration of the Desert is the story of my life, although it isn’t really written as one continuous biographical story. The idea is more like a collection of written work. A compilation of stories, poems, and other small observation that hold some manner of meaning somewhere deep inside a life.

Appreciation is one of the major philosophies I try to cultivate on a day-to-day basis. Every morning I get out of bed, I effort to continually give myself reasons to shelf the tedium and just genuinely delight in life. Whether it’s lightly waking under the morning sun, soaking in the warm experience of being alive- or watching someone strum the guitar, looking far as if playing for someone out of reach- it’s these quiet moments, these meaningful spaces of our really difficult lives that I find very encouraging and very comforting to know and embrace. Amid the everyday tension, the boredom, the pointlessness of it all, it really helps to just stop and stare. And to feel as if you’re part of everything, like a desert, rigid and dusty but seemingly boundless and eternally alive.

Something just feels like it stirs inside whenever I knead words into my journal and feel the pen coast placidly by my hand. Ever since I could write, I felt like I could actually create. To think, the idea that something so beautiful, so authentic and exact could stem forth from almost nowhere at all – and from me! – it always gets me this sort of really welcome feeling that I could never really trade for anything else. So one day as I was around desperately in search for a better place in this world, at the suggestion of an old lover, I started compiling some of these current writings of mine to a single place on the Internet, where I’ve realized many people come to visit relatable things they might appreciate life with.

The point here is not to get known. The point is to leave my stories here for those who are meant to see it. I have many things to tell the world. Even if it sleeps blind to my work, I want my work there to inspire. There to touch. There to lay it all down on the line on how it is to be a writer, a lover, a con artist, a musician, a child, an adult – a human being. So I invite you to take a look around my illustration of the desert, my personal read on everything, as I recount the stories and things that mean something intimately deep to me, as perhaps one day they could mean just as deeply to you as well.